Touch Sensitive Lighting


Polygon Light tiles allows you to design your own shape. The polygon tiles connect to each other from every side, creating endless possibilities for every space. Swipe for light. Simple swipe across the areas you want to turn on, swipe again to turn off. Easy installation. Magnetic edges mean quick and easy installation. Connect the tiles to each other, stick them to the wall, plug and swipe away. Built to last. Polygon ™ light tiles use the latest in LED technology.

  • Choose between 5, 15, or 25 tiles
  • This gives them a life span of over 50,000 hours
  • The Polygon™ tiles are completely modular
  • Build them into any structure and allow your creativity to shape your space
  • Touch sensitive lighting brings you closer to the technology
  • Fun and engaging physical interaction

Power supply (with 2 meter cable)
5/15/25 tile modules
Sticky pads


Light temperature: 3200k (warm white)
Tile width: 115mm
Illumination per module: 80 Lumens
Power: 120/220v 50/60hz
Maximum tiles per power adaptor: 65
Plug types included: USA
On/Off: Capacitive touch.
Wall attachment: Sticky pads or nails
Lighting technology: LED


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