Cactus LED Light Fixture


A single pot lamp made of aluminum, with 3 different shapes of cactus shades. The cactus is a decorative lamp, made of aluminum casting with an led light. it is 10cm long x 10cm when switched off. When lights are on it becomes 40cm x 10cm of light and brilliancy.

50 in stock

  • One single pot with 3 different covers of cactus shapes made of plastic
  • Mounting – table lamp
  • Operation – cable switch
  • Plug – fixture comes with a 2.00 meter white cord and on/off switch to be plugged into an electricity outlet.
  • UL / CE approved
Teknik Özellikler

Ampul açıklaması – LED modülü 2800k 120lm – 2,1w
Ölçüler – 10 cm x 10 cm
Ağırlık – 1,4 Ibs (0,7 kg)
Gerilim – 110-230V
Malzemesi – Plastik


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