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The BenQ WiT Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp is one of the more interesting lamp concepts we have seen in recent years and probably the ultimate reading lamp. BenQ WiT Genie is an advanced lighting solution for all reading needs. Its ultra wide light arc, together with intelligent functions and limitless adjustability, bring comfort to your eyes. It is the world’s first lamp developed specifically for e-reading, and surely one of the most advanced desk lamps available today. The BenQ WiT lamp is a light that adjusts to your surroundings, and embodies an impressive level of technology and functions.  The graph above shows how much flickering happens with other LED lamps when they encounter a non-continuous electrical output. The BenQ WiT task lamp features an “electricity buffer” so the lamp remains uninfected by flickering electrical output. The second graph shows the smooth, soothing lighting of the WiT. No flickers, no unstable lighting to harm your eyes, no eye strain. Just pure, clean, crisp light that helps you focus on your work.

  • Quality LEDs – Bye bye burnout, powerful light built to last.
  • 150% Wider – 90cm lighting range provides a uniform light ark over your monitor.
  • Tailor-Made – Dimmable cool white or warm white, as you wish.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – Good for you and good for the earth.
  • Highly Flexible, Robust and adaptable – Bring the light where you need it.
  • Aerospace quality torsion spring & ball-joint, ensuring precise friction control of the adjustable arm and head.
  • Flicker Free Light – Stable and uniform light with ZeroFlicker Technology.
  • Color: Galaxy Silver
  • Power Plug: Comes with 6 power plugs for all countries

Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 56cm
Net Weight‎: 2.4 kg‎
Light source‎: Dual color LED‎
Color Rendering Index‎: > 80‎
Luminance‎: 1800 Lux
Luminous Flux‎: 2700K:800 lm & 5700K:900 lm‎
Color Temperature‎: 2700~5700 K‎.
Power Input‎: 100~240V AC, 50~60 Hz‎.
Power Consumption‎: 18W (Max)‎
Materials‎: Aluminum alloy, Zinc alloy, Engineering resin‎




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